How to Ditch & Switch to All-Natural Products Easily

Start slow.

Tip 1

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Don't switch everything right away. Take the time to learn about what products are safe and what companies you can trust. 

Research First

Tip 2

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Research what ingredients to avoid and keep a list of the bad ones. You can never do too much research!

Focus on One Area at a Time

Tip 3

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Start by switching one product at a time and focus on one room or area of the house at a time. 

Create a List or Calendar

Tip 4

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Create a list of the products you want to switch. Make a note once a week or month to swap one of these out. 

Focus on One Ingredient at a Time

Tip 5

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There are a lot of ingredients to look out for and avoid. Focus on one specific ingredient at a time to remember, cut out, and then learn a new one.